Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Truths about Storm Damage

  • Even small hail can cause the granules that protect your shingles to loosen and fall off. 
  • Excessive winds can interfere with the natural flow of water causing it to flow UNDER your shingles.
  • Tree and foliage debris blown onto your roof in a strong storm can cause physical damage to roofing and siding.
  • Hail can puncture flashings and loosen sealants allowing leaks to develop.  
  • With your roof now unprotected, water can cause the underlying Sheathing to swell, causing even more damage. 
  • Even small leaks can allow the formation of mold that is expensive to remove and can affect the health of both your home and family.  




If you suspect storm, wind or hail damage to either your roofing or siding, call RS Miles and Son's RIGHT AWAY AT 610-497-2122 (PA) or 302-250-4992 (DE)

RS Miles And Son Roofing and Siding experts will perform an in-person, onsite inspection of key areas of your roofing and siding.  

They will share their findings with you and, if any damage is found, work with your insurance company to repair the damage - protecting your investment and your family's health - often at little or no cost to you!